Restore Relationships

The proverbs of Solomon: A wise son bring joy to his father, but a foolish son brings grief to his mother.
King Solomon was the wisest king ever. People came to him with all kinds of problems they couldn’t solve. He always helped them find a solution. King Solomon knew that it was important for children to have good relationships with their parents. Good relationships would be beneficial for the parents, the adult children, and the grandchildren.  The grandchildren are shown how to respect their elders. The adult children can help the parents as they get older. The parents can pass along wisdom and tradition to the younger folks. Good relationships also reduce stress which is key in, not only mental and emotional well-being, but physical health, as well.
There was a time when aging parents would move in with their children and they would all help each other. As technology increased and people started living longer healthier lives, older parents preferred to live independently. But now the family unit has become even more disconnected.
Many people I know have children who have turned their back on their parents for varying reasons. A lot of people don’t know what those reasons are. All communication and hope for any dialogue has been cut off. Grandparents no longer are permitted to see their grandchildren and grandchildren don’t know who their grandparents are. The benefits of good relationships have been lost.
This seems more and more common every day and increasingly acceptable by this generation. To the aging parents, it’s heart wrenching. To the grandchildren, they’ll never know the special love of their grandparents. For the adult children, they will someday realize what they’ve done to destroy precious bonds that God put in place for the joy and well-being of generations.
I have a grandson I’ve never met. I have no idea why. I was sent a checklist of tasks and conditions that must be completed to my child’s satisfaction if i ever want a chance at possibly seeing my grandchildren again. But that’s not love. That’s manipulation and I won’t play that game. The thing is, during this power struggle that my child feels entitled to, my grandson will never be a newborn again. He’ll never take his first steps or say his first words again. Many, many grandparents are missing out on their grandchildren’s first experiences. I know my friends are heartbroken. This is a trend that has to be turned around if for no one else, for the sake of the grandchildren.
Father, please bring families back together. Open the doors of communication, understanding, and forgiveness. Restore relationships and renew bonds. In Jesus name.

2 thoughts on “Restore Relationships”

  1. Restore Relationships
    Sep 25, 2017 1:58 AM
    Once I became expendable in my kids lives…POOF…gone!
    I saw my grand kids on an average of 3 days per week. How did they explain my disappearance?
    What do they tell them, when the grandkids ask…wheres Pop?

    1. It is so hard and the thing is, they know we don’t have any control. They call the shots but it hurts the kids the most.

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