We are Americans

During these fearful times of disaster, our country has come together to show it’s true spirit. Americans from across the country are rushing to the aid of people all over Texas, sometimes even rescuing the rescuers. The Lord told me to sit back and watch for a few days. This message was, when people’s lives are in peril, the rescuer does not stop to ask, “What political party are you affiliated with?” or “What religion are you?” “What are your views on abortion?” or “Sorry, wrong color.”

All the things that we bicker about during our every day lives and our social stands we take, really aren’t that important. Sure, it’s important to have views and opinions on things that are important to us but to what point? People are at the point of physical beatings, shootings, throwing urine, feces, and acid in people’s faces, talking about terrorism and civil war, white supremacy, black supremacy, Nazism, fascism, and tearing down things they deem offensive.

The main stream media is mostly to blame. They report on this, post live footage, exaggerate situations with promises of “BREAKING NEWS!”, and feeding the narrative. If msm focused on the heroic efforts of the people in Texas, focus on financial and material needs for the victims and shelters right now, report on the terrible fires in Montana, who else needs our help, instead of focusing on insignificant little hate groups, we would be in much better shape. Do we really care what kind of shoes or what anyone wears to a rescue? Really? And why do we buy in to these criticisms?

You don’t have to like the president or first lady. Nobody asked you to. But please try to redirect your hearts toward our country and our people. There is so much need here ~ everywhere. Focus your hearts and minds on how to help and who to help instead of tearing down. Dare to be a giver. We’re better than tearing down. We are lovers, helpers, builders, counselors, givers, prayers. We are Americans!

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